What's Next Mastermind

Focused group coaching for folks who are ready for accelerated transformation with community support.
I'm in!

This is not beginner coaching. This is an experienced, motivated group.

(i.e. Are you aware you have thoughts and feelings? Um, yeah.) 

We’re done talking, and we’re ready to act. 

We’re ready for What’s Next.   


This is how it works:

Meet weekly for eight weeks.

Come with a goal/intention - anything that matters to you now.  It can be an external pivot (career change, building something new, stepping into leadership) or a seismic internal shift (personal growth, deeper somatic work).

Raise your hand, get coached, move forward.

Crowdsource with colleagues. 

Accelerate your growth with fresh skills and a clear path forward. 

Personal support and accountability throughout the week. 


If you need traction for next level growth, want an environment of like-minded colleagues, and crave dedicated brain space to focus on a goal or intention, this is for you.



Sundays at 6:00pm EST starting April 2, 2023


Option for additional individual coaching

(Yes, of course you get CME credit and can use CME funds)

I'm in!

How is this different that what you've done before?


This collective is exclusively for folks who know the fundamentals of coaching and are ready for action.  

The energy of this group will feel different - less frantic striving and more dissecting down to what really matters with a plan to get you there. 

I will share the deeper skills needed to create the calm, quiet freedom I have experienced in the past year. 

We will do this together - because healing and progress are more impactful in community. 

Make dedicated time and space for what matters to you now.  



Schedule a 15-minute call to chat or email me at [email protected]

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