Find your balance.

You are your most important patient.  I coach doctors who want to love the life they worked so hard to create.   


Kara Pepper, MD

I am a practicing Internist and Certified Life Coach in Atlanta, GA, who understands the joy and the stress of practicing medicine.  I provide confidential coaching services to clients nationwide and address all issues related to physician life. In addition to one-on-one coaching, I lead groups online, at retreats, and in academic talks.  

Is it really better to be better? You are successful in spite of your perfectionism, not because of it.  Perfectionism limits your growth, diminishes your happiness, and impedes your achievements. Join me for a clear understanding of how perfectionist brains are designed to keep us safe but create our misery, the difference between high achievers and perfectionists, and real solutions to make peace with your perfectionism.

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Charting workshop

Imagine how you would feel leaving work with no open charts and an empty inbox. What would you do with all that time on nights and weekends?

One of the primary drivers of burnout is charting and paperwork. I used to chart until midnight and through the weekend, and not surprisingly, I hated my job and nearly left my practice due to burnout. Now, I chart at work and log out of EMR until the next work day.

Want to see how I stopped spending my personal time charting?


Permission Granted

You know that feeling? That nagging discomfort that you ignore or avoid. The one that says, “Everything is fine, but something is not right.”

What would you do with no strings attached if you could reinvent yourself right now? Give yourself permission to imagine what is possible with this free reflection workbook. 


Physician Coaching. 

For physicians.  By a physician.

Common topics that are addressed by coaching: burnout, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, work flow and efficiency, work-life balance, career transition, exhaustion, loneliness, relationships, health, and many more.

Contact me for a complimentary call to see how coaching can help you reach your goals and the life you thought was waiting for you after residency. 

Earn CME credit and use CME funds for coaching.