Impostor Syndrome:

how to deal with doubt, shame and uncertainty

Uncertainty is a normal, helpful human emotion.  It helps us discern incorrect diagnosis, note when we need to learn more, or signal safety.  

Uncertainty plus shame (impostor syndrome), limits our capacity, performance, voice, and success.  If 80% of high-achievers experience impostorism, what can we do to address it?  Listen in.  


Making Peace with Perfectionism

Is it really better to be better? You are successful in spite of your perfectionism, not because of it.  Perfectionism limits your growth, diminishes your happiness, and impedes your achievements.  

Join me for a clear understanding of how perfectionist brains are designed to keep us safe but create our misery, the difference between high achievers and perfectionists, and real solutions to make peace with your perfectionism.  


Leave Work at Work

Charting workshop

Imagine how you would feel leaving work with no open charts and an empty inbox. What would you do with all that time on nights and weekends?

One of the primary drivers of burnout is charting and paperwork. I used to chart until midnight and through the weekend, and not surprisingly, I hated my job and nearly left my practice due to burnout. Now, I chart at work and log out of EMR until the next work day.

Want to see how I stopped spending my personal time charting?


What is Your Why?

While the reasons why we get out of the bed each morning may change, our Why does not. Our Why, our mission statement, remains. Understanding your Why will serve as an internal compass as your life evolves and a reference point for all of your actions and decisions.


Simon Sinek, author of the book Find Your Why: A Practical Guide for Finding Purpose for You and Your Team, writes that it is only when you understand your Why, you are better able to pursue the things that give you fulfillment.


If you know your Why:

No's become easier and clearer.

You won't waste time with ineffective business. 

Your energy is preserved for the projects that matter.

You quickly find your way to How.


Are the plans we make for the life we are living, consistent with what we truly value? Defining your core values and a mission statement around these values, will serve as a cornerstone during times of transition and uncertainty.


Knowing your Why will serve as a compass as you take the next right step into 2021.  Join me for a free writing workshop to clearly define your values-driven mission statement.

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Dealing with family at the holidays

Need help dealing with your family at the holidays? Is there anyone you would like to change? Want to keep your cool, set boundaries, or maybe even enjoy yourself?  Learn two tools to help diffuse family stress and create relationships that you desire. 

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