26. Workplace Bullying with Dr. Adam Harrison



"I think that's why it slapped me in the face. If this can happen to me, what the hell are my female, IMG, gay, and disabled colleagues going through?"

Dr Adam Harrison is a Family Physician (he achieved his MD in 2000), qualified Attorney-at-Law (he passed the bar in 2014), certified Life, Leadership and Executive Coach, organizational trainer, company founder, Director of Coaching for a wellbeing business, and podcaster.

As a result of his personal experiences, he specializes in confidence and mindset coaching for professionals, especially those who have been on the receiving end of workplace bullying.

As a former medical director, he also helps leaders of organisations develop kind leadership cultures based on the compassionate, servant and inclusive leadership model paradigms.

The underpinning philosophy to both his workplace bullying and detoxifying toxic cultures work, is mental and physical wellbeing, so he does a lot of work in that arena too, especially with professionals who are burning out.

He can be contacted by email at [email protected], via his website
(www.dradamharrison.com) or through a DM to his LinkedIn profile.