13. Foster parenting with Dr. Krystal Sodaitis

"I love her. She is a part of us. To imagine my life without her is devastating. If anyone asks how many kids I have, I just tell them two." This week, Dr. Krystal Sodaitis shares what it is like to care for a child, fall in love, and have to say goodbye.  If you have ever wondered how someone you love is doing, this episode is for you. 


Dr. Krystal Sodaitis is a board-certified pediatrician, who transitioned from academic medicine to health plan leadership in 2013. Her coaching practice is focused on physicians who have a neurodevelopmental diagnosis such as ADHD, Autism or dyslexia. She addresses the guilt, shame, and limiting beliefs that come with a diagnosis of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, learning disorder, autism spectrum disorder or any other disability. You can find her on her website and Instagram