10. Infertility with Dr. Dawn Baker

If you have ever wondered how to fit a career in medicine around your life (instead of squeezing your life into the cracks around medicine), you need to hear Dr. Dawn Baker's story.  In the midst of her training She struggled with infertility in her early career, but continued to model how to "lean out" from the traditional expectations of women in medicine.  Her story gives permission for a path less travelled.  


Dr. Dawn Baker is the physician, writer, speaker, and lifestyle design coach behind Practice Balance. She helps physicians and other professionals step off the treadmill of achievement, rediscover their true selves, and cultivate a practice of balance that’s right for them. She is the author of the book Lean Out: A Professional Woman’s Guide to Finding Authentic Work-Life Balance. Dawn is also a certified yoga and meditation instructor who is passionate about off-grid living, homeschooling, fitness, and travel.