Most perfectionists do not recognize that they are perfectionists because they see themselves as failing or imperfect.  They believe that things can, and should, always be better, and they they can be happy or worthy when they are better.  The perfectionist mind often sounds like:

  • I'm such a procrastinator.  I'll start tomorrow.

  • Everyone has their act together.  What if they realize that I'm an idiot?

  • I should be a better doctor/partner/parent/friend.

  • My partner never meets my standards.

  • I will be happier when I'm thinner.

  • I don't want to rock the boat.  

  • I'll be happy when I'm an attending.

  • I will be happy when I achieve work-life balance.

If this sounds familiar, you are not alone.  

Despite common perception, perfectionism undermines performance, inhibits growth, and diminishes happiness.  Perfectionism robs us of our fullest job and success by connecting our worth to impossible standards or achievements.  


I am a professional ballet dancer turned Primary Care Internist and Certified Life Coach who nearly left medicine in 2015 due to burnout.  My perfectionism created a practice without boundaries ("Every patient deserves your best."), workaholism ("I'l feel better once these charts are done."), and overwhelm ("Everyone else is fine.  What's wrong with me?"). At that lonely time, I felt like I’d made a huge mistake in practicing medicine and that I was the only doc who was struggling.  While on sabbatical, I rebuilt a life that I love AND I returned to practice medicine. I work with high achieving professionals who look great on paper but feel overwhelmed or unsatisfied in the life they worked hard to create.  My forward-facing, evidence-based coaching style teaches practical solutions to end perfectionist thinking.  

Ready to escape the vice of perfectionism? 

Join my community for high-yield, practical coaching on the most common issues we face as perfectionists. CLICK HERE for the full curriculum. 

  • Procrastination

  • Overworking

  • Self-sabotage

  • Impostorism

  • Fear of failure

  • People pleasing

  • Lack of boundaries

  • Work-life balance

Feel prepared to confidently face real life challenges.  This course offers the skills and support I needed when I was burning out.  The thought of letting go of perfectionism was terrifying because I had so much personal success and identity tied up in my external achievements.  I was worried that I would fall behind if I let go of the rigid behaviors that got me through medical training and early parenting. I had no idea that I could love and like myself or live without constant worry, shame, and regret,   I promise there is peace on the other side of perfectionism. 

The Power of Imperfection course:

  • 7 weeks starting July 11, 2021 - Sunday evenings at 4:30 PST/7:30 EST 

  • Weekly live group calls weekly for deep dive on high-yield perfectionist behaviors

  • Daily engaging mindfulness, reflection, and skills exercises to reinforce your progress

  • All content and skills are evidence-based solutions designed for busy physicians

  • Weekly downloadable content to deepen your coaching experience

  • 5 CME credits (yes, you can use CME funds for this course!)

  • Community of like-minded women for accountability and support

  • Video replay of all content available to accommodate your busy schedule.

  • Additional individual coaching available

Ready to let go of overwhelm, exhaustion, and criticism?

Let's get started!

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The Power of Imperfection
Group coaching July 2021

"Kara is relatable, compassionate and inspiring. I wish this program had been available to me 10 years ago."

"I loved hearing other women share their experiences, struggles and wins. Watching someone else get coached was extremely beneficial. The didactic portions of the meetings were short and effective. I also loved the additional content shared each week (TED talks, podcasts, books.)"


"I loved the weekly group coaching and shared, safe space to talk about things that otherwise would not have been processed."