It's OK to want a different life than the one you chose 20 years ago. 

with Dr. Kara Pepper

A supportive, brave space for coaching on any topic.

After working with me...

  • Worried perfectionists learn how to silence their inner critic.
  • Critical high achievers become more productive through rest and self-compassion.
  • Exhausted women begin to trust themselves.
  • People pleasers stop hustling, and start listening to themselves.
  • Perhaps for the first time, you will learn to take the guilt out of choosing yourself. I make it easier to value your opinion over others.
  • You'll discover how to turn failure into data collection, which moves you towards achieving your biggest goals. 
  • And for the data nerds like me who like to compare before and after metrics, you will be measurably less burned out and exhausted with more job satisfaction and self-compassion


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Each plan includes...



50-minute high intensity coaching calls focused on your specific goals. 




Written, audio & video resources tailored towards your unique needs. 



Lifetime access to our hourly, once a month group coaching




Lifetime access to the coaching community and unlimited support through our app.



Earn 28 CME credits with my self-paced digital support and credit for each coaching session

My coaching sessions with Dr. Pepper have transformed my life—from the inside out. Through thoughtful, dynamic and honest conversation, Dr. Pepper has guided me toward recognition of debilitating thought patterns that stymied progression toward my goals and introduced me to productive, forward-focused tools, exercises and strategies that transformed my mindset. With Dr. Pepper’s coaching, I have excelled in spaces that I once struggled and now, with a deeper understanding of who I am and where I’m going, am entering spaces that I never imagined were possible!

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Each coaching session earns Category 1 CME credit. Yes, you can use CME funds for coaching. 

8 Sessions

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then monthly for 2 months

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