Charting Mastermind

Focused group coaching for folks who are ready to reclaim their lives off screen.
I'm in!

I didn't set out to be a charting coach - i worked with organizations and individuals on burnout.  But so much of burnout is from our overwhelming, unnecessary administrative load.  I have coached nationwide on how to get to "inbox-zero", and guess what? Coaching around charting is really the stuff you have heard me talk about for years:

  • Perfectionism - "You mean I don't have to write paragraphs of prose to communicate my plan?"
  • Boundaries - "The portal messages are making my crazy."
  • Impostor Syndrome - "What will people think if my notes are messy?"
  • Nervous system regulation - "I can relax once I've gotten my work done."
  • Procrastination - "I'll deal with the paperwork this weekend."
  • Systems failure - "We don't even have staff to bring the patients back."
  • Communication - "How can I ask my MA to do more? S/he might leave."
  • Learned helplessness - "This is just how it is."

And, yes, there are A LOT of other logistics, templating, dot-phrase/macros, systems creation, leveraging current employees, etc that can minimize your clicks.


This is how it works:

Meet Sunday nights for six weeks. Everything is recorded. 

Bring all your gripes about EMR, volume of messages, and panic that there are patients waiting and your note is not complete. 

Raise your hand, get coached, move forward.

Learn hacks to shorten charting time and all the ways we self-sabotage. 

Crowdsource with colleagues. 

Close your charts and empty your inbox with fresh skills and a clear path forward. 

Personal support and accountability throughout the week. 

6+ CME credits.  Use your CME money. 

Bring a friend.  Misery loves company . . . I mean, bring a friend becuase lord knows we all want freedom from EMR. 


If you are sick of charting after hours, want an environment of like-minded colleagues, and crave dedicated brain space to focus on a goal or intention, this is for you.



Sundays at 6:00pm EST starting Nov 12, 2023


Option for additional individual coaching

(Yes, of course you get CME credit and can use CME funds)

I'm in!

How is this different than what you've done before?


After two years of data collection, I know that my coaching improves burnout, job satisfaction, exhaustion, and self-compassion.  That will not change with this coaching program.  

This program will focus specifically on charting every week, and we will identify individual, systems, logistical barriers to inbox-zero.  

My goal is not to make you an efficient charting robot - it's to help you minimize the distraction and burden of charting so you can have your life back.  



Schedule a 15-minute call to chat or email me at [email protected]

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