About Me

About me 

After years of training, I finally achieved my dream of becoming a physician. I got married and had two children, and continued to build a successful practice in Atlanta, GA.


I had it all, or so it seemed.

But, I foolishly kept waiting for life to get easier. 


I was driven to perform at the highest level professionally, pouring everything I had into my patients, day in and day out.

The problem? I had nothing left to offer my family.

Similarly, I would spend late evenings with my sleepless toddlers and husband and arrive at work totally depleted before the day had even begun.


Instead of relishing in achievement and success, I felt I was failing at everything: failing as a wife, failing as a mother, failing as a physician, and ultimately, failing myself.

Work-life balance felt impossible, completely unattainable, and I was exhausted. I was EPICALLY burned out and no day at the spa or weekend getaway would bring me back to life.

I needed restoration.

I needed to prioritize myself as my most important patient.



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My first step was time.

I took a sabbatical from my practice, I dug in, and I did something that’s never come easy to me – I asked for help. I shared my story and realized I was not alone.  I reconnected with people who poured into me and filled me up.  I thoroughly evaluated how I spent my energy and put together a realistic and practical blueprint on how I would spend that energy moving forward.​

With a clarity brought on by distance, I realized that I still had a deep love for my work and my patients.

It wasn’t the career that needed changing, it was me.  

Through coaching, I learned how to manage my mind. This changed my responses and how I experienced life.  Instead of making a career change, I found a way to thrive and even find joy again in caring for my patients.  I pursued Life Coach certification to enhance the coaching I was doing in my practice with my patients.  What unfolded and evolved out of my own experience was unexpected - a way to care for my fellow physicians.

The demands on us are greater than ever before.  The emotional and psychological burdens that we carry can be crushing. Coaching allows me to support physicians so they can manage these burdens and continue to do what they've worked their entire lives to do – care for others.

In order to do that to the best of their ability, they must first care for themselves.

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