If you were asked to remember the worst patient loss you have ever experienced, who is it? You remembered it instantly, right?

We all have that patient.
The one you saw many years ago, but you remember like it was yesterday.
The shock and denial of their death.
The tiny details of the room.
Replaying the case over and over, thinking, "What did I miss?"
The shame or horror over what happened.
In some cases, the interrogation and legal implications that followed.
Second guessing your judgment with this and future patients. 


Up to 80% of physicians experience Second Victim Syndrome.  There are evidence based solutions that allow physicians to heal and move past the traumatic patient encounters.  

Join expert coaches Dr. Kara Pepper and Dr. Jill Wener for a masterclass to finally put these traumatic patient encounters to rest.  Rewrite your story, process shame and fear in an in-depth workshop with physician colleagues.  We will incorporate coaching and tapping in an online group setting. 

Jill Wener, MD, tapping practitioner and certified Conscious Health Meditation Instructor, will lead our group through evidence-based tapping practices.  Dr. Kara Pepper, Physician Life Coach, will lead group and one on one coaching exercises.  

Want a deeper dive?

For physicians who want more intensive work, join us for our 5 week course (that includes 5 CME credits!) starting July 14.  Click here for more information:

Kara Pepper, MD, LLC