I completed 100% of my notes this week on the DAY of visit without changing my style.  I have a new mantra of "job is not done until the note is done!" which really helped me stay on track.  Thanks so much - feel pretty accomplished this Friday evening. 

My coaching sessions with Dr. Pepper have transformed my life—from the inside out. Through thoughtful, dynamic and honest conversation, Dr. Pepper has guided me toward recognition of debilitating thought patterns that stymied progression toward my goals and introduced me to productive, forward-focused tools, exercises and strategies that transformed my mindset. With Dr. Pepper’s coaching, I have excelled in spaces that I once struggled and now, with a deeper understanding of who I am and where I’m going, am entering spaces that I never imagined were possible!

Dr. Kara has been excellent to speak with! I feel comfortable speaking with her about my goals and challenges.  Her style of coaching has put me at ease and help me to become more productive.

Working with Dr. Pepper has been very eye opening for me. I've worked with a life coach so I felt like I had some awareness of my triggers. She has made very keen observations which truly have shed some new light on my behavior. I have left every session feeling like I have some new tools to help me cope. On  a more personal level, it is very easy to be open with her. There is this aura of non judgement about Dr. Pepper which makes it really easy to talk to her.

I had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Pepper to discuss my personal and emotional health. I left our meeting feeling motivated and positive. I could have talked to her for hours. Our thirty minute talk has stuck with me for weeks and helped me tremendously on a day to day basis.

Considering ways to step back and identify what is the data, the basic truth; what are my thoughts; what are my feelings. I thought it was lovely that you shared the more coaching you did the more you enjoyed your practice. I am wondering if the more coaching I receive if I will enjoy my practice more (as I sit here just finishing charts at 6:45 on Friday night).

Would recommend this to anyone!


I have recently felt overwhelmed at work as it relates to wondering if this schedule workable in the next chapter of life (which I always viewed as when my kids are out of daycare, in real school and on a school bus). This thought has always lingered in my head, but it seemed so far away and I always followed the "I'll get there when I get there" mentality. I'm now a year away from this scenario, debating where we will purchase a next home, where our kids will go to school, how all of this relates to my current job and the location of it. I'm wondering if the somewhat lack of flexibility in the office, the repeated denial of flex scheduling etc will suit me as I move forward in life and priorities change. My thoughts were disconnected with my actions as I was honestly not even as efficient as I could be in the office-- leaving much later than I would ever need to because getting distracted by other things, so ironic. This is the scenario/issue I used for the writing exercise in your first presentation. That bit alone really helped me sort out some of my concerns and feelings and I plan to continue this exercise with this scenario as I navigate the next chapter of life.


I liked the Ladder thought exercise. You reiterated this at the beginning of Covid and since then, these ladder thoughts have been so so helpful for me.


The second victim syndrome work was enlightening. I don't even think I realized there was a term for this, but a specific case during my career came to mind. Thanks for putting words and feelings to this and for providing tools to move forward.


I think you have a real gift. Your spirit is felt and your calm non judgemental demeanor is unique.