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True or False: You are a worthy individual regardless of what you do? You simply need to exist? According to Dr. Kara Pepper, the answer to that question is a huge. You are worthy, you simply need to give yourself permission to believe it.

Very often, after we have "checked all the boxes," many of us are left with a nagging discomfort that we ignore or avoid. The one that says, “Everything is fine, but something is not right.” The one that says, “I worked so hard to get here. I have so much invested. I should just stay put, but I’m not content with this anymore.”

The choices you made and the path you chose for yourself at 20 may not fit any more. It’s OK to want more. It’s OK to want something new. It’s OK to imagine what your next season in life can look like, especially when it’s different from the life you are living now.

First step? Give yourself permission.

Listen as Dr. Kara shares more about her background and what drove her to become a physician coach. She’s digging deep into why we as physicians especially find it hard to give ourselves permission to be anything other than perfect. If you’ve been feeling the nagging ropes of burnout, then this is the episode for you.

Access to Permission Granted workbook is HERE.

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