What is Coaching?

Coaching is an evidence-based intervention that has been proven, in randomized controlled trials, to decrease burnout, improve resilience, improve job satisfaction, and improve self-compassion.  (links to articles below)

Common topics I address in coaching: burnout, impostor syndrome, perfectionism, work flow and efficiency, work-life balance, career transition, exhaustion, loneliness, relationships, health, and many more.


My style of coaching is forward-facing and solutions-focused.  I work to understand your thought process and then develop ways specifically designed for you to manage your mind and impact your emotions and actions. 


Physicians are motivated, creative and brilliant problem solvers.  I use these strengths to guide you as we work toward a healthier, happier overall life experience.  We meet regularly for 50 minute sessions while addressing your concerns and goals.

Therapy is evaluating your past to understand where you are in the present.  Coaching is assessing your present and taking action toward your future.  Essentially, coaches help clients improve their performance in any area of their life.

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Kara Pepper, MD, LLC